Image in 3D(I-3D) is a division of Images in Motion Media Inc., which has been working in the media field for over twenty five years. 3D printing dovetails with the sculpting, molding, casting, painting and archival services they provide for the TV/film and toy industries.

Images in 3D has a talented pool of artists that share a common philosophy , there should be quality and care given to each project. Kamela Portuges, co-owner, heads up the 3D printing division. She has a strong computer and mechanical background and creates in diverse materials. She has extensive experience in protoype production. She has worked in the TV/film and toy business since 1989. With attention to detail, she is the recipient of three Regional Emmys and her credits include “James and the Giant Peach”, “Monkeybone”, and “Being John Malkovich”.

Images in 3D artists can design characters for 3D printing and translate 2D art to 3D files, ready to print. As part of Images in Motion, a few of their clients include Paleomill/Black Hills Institute, Leapfrog Enterprises, Livescribe, Gramercy Films, USDA Forest Service, Crayola, Mattel, Playalong Toys, Genetech, etc.

Additional services, provided by Images in Motion Media Inc. include video production, TV puppetry, mascots, sculptural props, toy protoypes, celebrity dolls, masks, radio and cable control creatures. Images in Motion and Images in 3D are based in Sonoma, CA. More information on Images In Motion at http://www.imagesmedia.com