Z Printer Services

3D Printed Dogs by Images in Motion

Character design services

  • Translation of 2D drawings to 3D computer files
  • Printing 3D physical models in white or full color
  • Related services: Sculpting, Molding, Casting, Painting

About Our Z Printers

Z Printers Use Color to Dramatically Communicate Design Intent and High Resolution Detail

  • Better evaluation for the look, feel and style of product designs.
  • Produce realistic color models without paint.
  • High-definition 3D printing produces models with complex geometries and small, detailed features
  • 3D print the most intricate detail, such as a thin wall on a mechanical prototype or a railing on an architectural model


  • 390,000 colors (5 print heads, including black) resolution 600 x 480 dpi
  • 3D print text labels, logos, design comments, or images directly onto models
  • Build size:  10 x 15 x 8 inches  (254 x 381 x 203 mm)